ENA - Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida
Advantages to be Partner

By joining the ENA you can benefit from a number of advantages, such as:

  • Preferential access to ENA training actions
  • Privileged access to Congresses, Seminars, Colloquia, Meetings, Workshops promoted by ENA
  • Priority and more favorable conditions in the use of the following services:
    • Development of ideas for the formulation and implementation of research and innovation projects in the area of ​​energy and environment;
    • Diagnostics, audits and energy certification;
    • Project conception, implementation and follow-up;
    • Support from international experts.
    • Support in the elaboration of specialized contents in the areas of environment and energy;
    • Access to a wide range of information in the area of ​​environment and energy;
    • Activities developed by the IEA, the Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA), the EACI (Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation), EEA (European Environment Agency), ADENE (Energy Agency), RNAE (National Energy), other national and international agencies and entities;
    • Case studies;
    • Access to the ENA documentation center;
    • Possibility of access to a vast source of information provided by more than 300 European energy agencies as well as the entities that support them;
    • Contact with entities of reference, in Portugal and in the World, in the areas of the environment and energy;
    • Possibility of association of the ENA image with the activities of the associates;
    • Be an integral part of a set of entities that share not only their energy and environmental concerns but also strategies for their resolution.

If you would like more detailed information, please contact us at: geral@ena.com.pt