ENA - Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida

ENA aims at improving the sustainability and resilience of the Arrábida Territory.

With this purpose in sight, ENA intends to:

  • Bring innovation and investment into the Arrábida Territory, replicate good practices and examples to be followed by local decision makers, politicians and technicians, market players and citizens;
  • Be a reliable organization in the scope of local implementation of energy and environment efficient solutions:
  • Support local authorities in leading by example and applying the energy transition processes in its territory;
  • Contribute for increasing local skills and capacities to improve human, infrastructures and nature response to a new climate reality by combining adaption and mitigation measures;
  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) innovating in the community and connecting science, academia, business, local policy, social intervention and citizenship;
  • Involve the community in building a carbon neutral Arrábida Territory, more inclusive, fairer, more prosperous and healthier.