ENA - Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida

Our intervention area, comprising a territory with 890 km2 and approximately 233 000 inhabitants, brings together a set of unique conditions that allow us to plan and structure this region's growth, promoting the transition towards a new energy and environment model based on sustainability. 

In this region, known by its three castles, Setúbal municipality has the largest urban area, with high population density, and having an important commercial seaport in the Sado estuary.

The municipalities of Palmela and Sesimbra have a relatively low population density, with the agricultural activities and tourism playing an important economical role, taking into consideration the urban-rural dichotomy in a region characterised by the combination of tradition and technology.

The region brings together heavy and cutting-edge technology industry, handicraft activities, good quality tourism infrastructures and large natural areas with outstanding characteristics.

The landscape morphology is dominated by plains, with the exception of the mountainous range of Arrábida ‐ highest point at 500 meters above sea level.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the slopes of the Arrábida Chain are covered with the most characteristic vegetation of the region - Mediterranean maquis.

The Arrábida Natural Park and the Natural Reserves of Sado and Tagus Estuaries, created by the urgency of preserving natural, historical, cultural and socio-economical values, are revitalisation areas of the countryside and  traditional activities, promoting the intimate and conscious contact between Man and Nature.