ENA - Agência de Energia e Ambiente da Arrábida
01 Jan 1970
NOTICE 23 – Energy Efficiency in Transport Infrastructures

Through the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF), «NOTICE 23 - ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURES 2017» is launched, which provides for the possibility of financing applications throughout the national territory to reduce energy consumption in this sector.

In this context, investments in tangible measures aimed at promoting the improvement of the energy performance of transport infrastructures, through the replacement of existing equipment with more efficient ones, the implementation of control and performance devices that optimize the use and consumption of energy, which together have a simple return period of less than 6 years.

The financing of the projects takes the form of a non-refundable subsidy, with the participation, by application, of FEE expenses, indexed to the period of return on investment (PRI). Thus, the maximum reimbursement rate per application for public entities will be 45% and for private entities of 15%, both up to a maximum limit of € 180,000.00. The overall allocation of the Notice is € 1,600,000.00.

Beneficiary Entities

Applicants may submit applications under this Notice to all entities managing transport infrastructures, in the road, rail, sea-port, air and airport sectors.

Duration of operations

Applications must be for a maximum period of 18 (18) months from the date of signature of the financing contract (concluded between the FEE and the beneficiary) and the date on which the application for payment of the project is submitted.

Submission of applications

Applications are submitted to the FEE through the PNAEE e-portal in the area of ​​FEE applications, where all the requested documents must be submitted and duly completed.

The submission period of applications will be available from the date of publication of this Notice, May 29 to September 29, November 13.

For more information:
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