ENA - Agência de Energia e Ambiente da Arrábida
01 Jan 1970
Isabel Rodríguez

Training, professional experience and main tasks in the project

Degree in Information Sciences (University of Seville, Spain) and a Master's Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Market (EOI / ENDESA). She has experience in project management with public funding and institutional communication in strategic areas such as energy, environment and tourism .

Responsible for the creation, development and management of the Energy Agency of the Province of Cadiz (2006) and the development of national and international projects related to energy management (SAVE II, NIMSEC - Intelligent Energy for Europe, Young Eco -Heros - Youth in Action, POWER - INTERREG IVC), as well as training programs and environmental awareness as project coordinator and responsible for communication.

Organization of the Offshore Wind Energy Forum and Sustainable Development in Cadiz (2005).

Coordination of the Covenant of Mayors in the province of Cadiz (initiative in collaboration with local entities to alleviate the effects of climate change) and Energy Optimization and Saving Plans in the province of Cadiz (POEE) and implementation of Municipal Energy Plans (PEM).

In the field of tourism, responsible for communication of the Andalusian government (2015 - 2018), transferring to society and the media the management of the Andalusian government in terms of planning, innovation and tourism promotion.

After more than 15 years of experience in positions of responsibility as head of communication in Spanish public institutions (local, provincial and regional level), he now works at the ENA as European and national communications and project manager.